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Sheldon D'Eith

Baby Sheldon D'Eith Drumming

(Sheldon at 4 years old)

I started taking piano lessons at age five, then naturally gravitated to the drum kit by age eight. I don't know if it was smashing things with sticks or my love for rhythm but I knew early on that playing the drums was my calling. I started performing with bands at twelve and quickly fell in love with performing live music. In high school I was part of the SRTSS School of Rock program taught by one of my biggest inspirations, Wes Reamsbottom. At sixteen I attended a percussion program at Berklee School of Music (Boston, MA) where I saw what it really meant to be a professional musician. I played drums in over 10 different bands before the end of high school. I continued my studies at Vancouver Community College School of Music with Vancouver drum legends Bernie Arai, Craig Scott, and band instructors Laurence Mollerup and Alan Matheson. 

I have been performing in the Vancouver music scene for over a decade and continue to thrive in performance, teaching, and recording. I played in Vancouver based Funk/Rock band Raincity, performing over 400 shows over the course of five years. We opened for bands such as Five Alarm Funk, Bif Naked, Our Lady Peace, Too Many Zooz and Yukon Blonde. We toured across Canada, played in the USA and recorded two albums and two EP's. 

I encourage you to pick up an instrument and feel the power of music for yourself! With a diverse background covering Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Motown, Reggae, Blues and more, I can help you build your skills and confidence behind the kit and experience the magic that is music. Your love for music is the most important part of becoming a musician, the rest can be learned through practice and patience. Don't underestimate the power you already posses, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, and I can help you get started. 


I was surrounded by music my whole life, some might say I was born wielding a pair of drumsticks. One of my earliest memories is setting up pots and pans on the kitchen floor and banging away in search of new sounds and rhythms. Now I teach and perform drums professionally, guided by that same spark of curiosity.


Why Take Drum Lessons?

My drum lessons will inspire you to approach learning with a smile, and spark inspiration in your life. With my gamified approach you will learn faster, dive deeper, and enjoy every lesson! You will learn the fundamentals of playing the drums, increase your playing speed, improve sound quality, and avoid injuries by learning healthy technique. You will gain the tools to teach yourself and craft your own rhythmic voice. With a professional view on your unique playing style, practice routine and even your drum kit setup you will save time and skip the hassle of learning on your own. You also get expert insight, real life experience and connections from a professional in the music industry. 

Have you always wanted to be able to learn your favourite songs by ear, read and write drum notation, and create your very own drum beats and fills? My new beginner-intermediate drum book, "Crash! Boom! Pow!" Learning to Play Drums, is a gamified guide to unlocking your inner drummer. With comic book themed graphics, 27 real song examples, and practical exercises, you will learn the drums through the spirit of play. 


Whether you're a complete beginner or you already have some experience on the drums, my one-on-one lessons will take your playing to the next level! I make sure to lay out your goals and dreams and develop a game plan for achieving them. So if you're ready to unlock your inner drummer, contact me to get started!

Benefits of in person lessons

In person lessons are the most personal and effective style of drum lessons. You get instant feed back on how you're doing, motivation when you need it, and the opportunity to play music together in real time. In our one-on-one classes I can easily view your techniques and posture while you play so you know whether you're practicing properly and efficiently. Being face to face with someone creates a stronger connection with what it is you're learning, decreases distractions, and makes learning more fun!

Benefits of online lessons

Online Lessons are great for those students who know what they want to learn but need some guidance and motivation. I get to see how you've set up your drum kit at home and offer suggestions to optimize your practice space to ensure an effective learning environment. Without even needing to leave your house this is a great way to get motivated to practice, learn new songs, and level up your skills. All you need is some sort of drum setup and laptop/tablet with a webcam and microphone. Even if it's just pair of sticks, a practice pad, and a computer, there's lots you can learn about drumming without all the extra bells and whistles. 

Benefits of at home lessons

With at home lessons you get the best of both worlds. A professional look at your home setup and face to face communication, with no internet latency. This style of lesson is great for people looking for that extra level of attention with the convenience of being at your own home. At home lessons are particularly suited for young students who require the comfort of their own space and parent supervision. This option is limited to the location of your house and the lesson rates very depending on the distance

Why I teach 

I teach music because I want others to experience the benefits that playing music fosters in my life. Playing and listening to music brings me pure joy. It has broadened my understanding of the world and all the beauty it has to offer. Teaching gives me patience and perspective, while allowing me to connect with others using the universal language of music.

Teaching is something I'm very passionate about. It's more than just being good at a craft, it's about allowing students to grow at their own pace and make connections for themselves. It's about having compassion and understanding for other peoples situations and learning differences. In my experience the best teachers are the ones that encourage the pursuit of knowledge and the deeper connection with your inner self. Through positive encouragement and motivation, my students learn to teach themselves and push their musical limits in a healthy way. 

My goal as a teacher is to encourage others to find the music within themselves and gain the confidence they need to express their feelings with sound. Music is motion, music is language, music is magic. It heals us, motivates us, and brings us together. I believe everyone can learn to play music in some way. If it's your dream to play the drums, stop waiting and take the leap! Contact me to start your musical journey and UNLOCK YOUR INNER DRUMMER! 

Ryan May Music

Sheldon is a creative and talented musician who has a great connection with his drum students. He goes above and beyond when creating customized lesson plans that suit his students goals and interests. I have great respect for Sheldon and have confidence that you will as well. If you are looking for a talented drum teacher, you've come to the right place.


Not only is Sheldon super friendly and encouraging to my son, he also inspires him on the drums with music he enjoys. Sheldon teaches with his own drum kit, which may not seem like a big deal but we've had other teachers who didn't and it took our son much longer to learn. My son caught on quickly with Sheldon. He's always on time and has great communication with my son and myself (the parent)He's gone above and beyond on several different occasions. I highly recommend Sheldon as a drum teacher!


Sheldon is a very encouraging and understanding teacher who clearly remembers what it’s like to be a student. He has a broad knowledge of songs and styles and can always pull up a couple of songs that demonstrate the skills we're working on, which gives me a focus for practice for the week. I enjoy that we work on a good mix of theory, technique and listening skills, and Sheldon is always ready to pivot to follow my interests. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a teacher!


My lessons with Sheldon are fun and I always look forward to them. He is always willing to work on songs that I’m interested in, and he gives me things to practise that help with overall skills. He has lots of good ideas for songs and techniques to work on and I’ve improved so much with his help. He is an awesome drum teacher!


We love Sheldon as a drum teacher! My son has been taking lessons with Sheldon for over 2 years, and his skill level has increased an incredible amount in this time. Prior to the pandemic, our lessons were in person and Sheldon was on time and professional. Post-pandemic, lessons have been virtual, and they have been seamless. Sheldon's set up for remote teaching is perfect. Sheldon is fun, cool, and a great teacher for various drum musical styles.

Chris Bunz
(Modern Music School)

Sheldon is one of the best drum teachers you can find. Professional, knowledgeable, and skillful. Great personality, very kind.

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