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Learning to Play Drums

A gamified guide to unlocking
your Super drummer!

Have you always wanted the ability to learn your favourite songs by ear and craft your own drum beats and fills? Acquire all of these skills and more with "Crash! Boom! Pow!" Learning to Play Drums.

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My Mission

Hi, I'm Sheldon D'Eith, a Vancouver based drummer, educator and author. My mission is to make learning fun! After all, it's called playing music for a reason. In my drum lessons I focus on helping you build a healthy relationship with your practice and learn to face every challenge with a smile. With the help of my new book "Crash! Boom! Pow!" Learning to Play Drums, you will be able to craft your own Drum Beats and Fills, learn songs by ear, as well as read and write drum notation.      


Whether you're a beginner drummer excited to start your musical journey or an experienced player looking to expand your skills, book a lesson today to achieve your goals and Unlock Your Super Drummer!

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Drum Lessons

In Person

Get the full in person experience with one-on-one drum lessons at Pandora's Box Studios!



High quality video lessons from the comfort of your own home 

with Google Meets!


At Home

Get a professional look at your home setup and learn on your own drum kit!


Drum Lessons

New merch!

Check out our brand new line of merch in the store! Stay inspired with your very own "Crash! Boom! Pow!" T-Shirt and Unlock Your Super Drummer!


Pick from a variety of colours, sizes and styles.

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Session Musician

I am no stranger to the stage. I've performed over 400 shows at venues including The Commodore Ballroom, The Rickshaw Theatre, Tidemark Theatre, and opened for bands such as Five Alarm Funk, Bif Naked, Too Many Zooz, and Yukon Blonde with my former band Raincity. I have been performing in bands since I was twelve years old and continue to grow in the Vancouver music scene.   


In the studio I bring a calm and patient energy, with a sharp focus on giving the song what it needs. Like a chameleon to groove, I can blend styles and play genres including Rock, Pop, Funk, Punk, Jazz, Blues, Reggae and more.

If you're looking to hire a session drummer to liven up your tracks or take your songs to the stage, contact me and we can chat more!

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