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Drum Store!

Check out our bran new line of merchandise! From youth tee's to baseball tee's and so much more. Choose between a variety of different colours and styles. Unlock your Super drummer today! 

"Crash! Boom! Pow!" Learning to Play Drums, is a gamified guide to unlocking your super drummer! Choose your own adventure as you learn to craft your own beats and fills, learn popular songs, and become your own best teacher. With comic book themed illustrations and graphics, you will level up and help your companion, "Crash", acquire powerful tools that represents your growth as a drummer. 

If you are ready to embark on your musical journey and become the drummer you've always wanted to be, explore the world of drumming and play your way through levels 1-4 of "Crash! Boom! Pow!" Learning to Play Drums. 

(Five Alarm Funk)

"Crash! Boom! Pow!" is an awesome way for beginner drummers of any age to understand the fundamentals of rippin' on the drums! If you have young ones wanting to learn, or are starting out playing yourself, hit up Sheldon and start rippin'!

Tyler  Lanigan

With and engaging illustrative and gamified style Sheldon D'Eith's "Crash! Boom! Pow!" perfectly balances potent technical knowledge, exploring creativity, and the most important part of learning drums: having fun. Readers will be tricked into becoming god tier drummers when they think they are just reading a comic book and playing games.

Ciara Chinnaih

Thank you Sheldon for sending over this beautiful book all the way to the UK! I waited until my lesson with my daughter to try it out and she loved it! Especially using the pen and writing her own grooves! Such a colourful, fun and informative book.

Ginger Chen

This book is a great resourse for anyone looking to build a strong foundation in drumming. It is informative, easy to understand and uses helpful song examples in each lesson! It walks you step by step through the basics of drumming in an interactive and engaging way. A great choice for musicians of all ages looking to have fun while learning the drums!
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