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If you're interested in learning to play the drums you've come to the right place! Whether you're an absolute beginner or have some skills you've already acquired, this book will propel you forward along your musical journey.

"Crash! Boom! Pow!" is a gamified guide to unlocking your inner drummer! Choose your own adventure as you learn to craft your own beats and fills, learn songs by ear, and become your own best teacher. With comic book themed illustrations by Kaylar Chan, you will level up and help your companion, "Crash", acquire powerful tools that represents your growth as a drummer. 


The content in this book is designed for all ages, you will find pictures and templates to inspire you, rhythmic exercises to challenge you, and song examples to expand your skills. You will be taken through the basics of setting up your kit and holding drum sticks to playing drum fills like Phil Collins!

Crash! Boom! Pow! Learning to Play Drums

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